artyst™ U18-Nanoblade (10 Pcs.)

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  • artyst ™ U18-Nanoblade – U shaped needle blade with 0.18mm thin “Nano-needles” made of surgical steel, especially created for microblading procedures.


    U shaped needle blade helps to create precise, naturally curved hair strokes effortlessly. Each artyst™ Nanoblade is EO sterilized and disposable, developed for one time use only.

    For safe and hygiene yet precise microblading results.



    • Recommended for curved hair strokes
    • 0.18mm thin “Nano-needles” made of surgical steel
    • U shaped needle blade with 18 single “Nano-Needles”
    • Protective cap to avoid needles to get damaged
    • Plastic handle with debossed grip structure for more comfort and precision
    • Felt tip for easy color application
    • Single use EO sterilized tool / disposable for one time use only
    • Primary packaging: sterile medical packaging pouch to ensure needle to arrive in perfect condition
    • 10 x disposable artyst ™ U18-Nanoblades per box