artyst™ highlights


Celebrated in the world of PMU – known for natural and perfect results.

Learn from the best! Dóra is not only one of the most influential artists and a superstar in the PMU community, she has also great ambitions to share her knowledge with others. Her mission is to make the perfect, hyper realistic results available to all the women and men around the world by providing education, services and her own works under the roof of Essential Beauty bases in as many places as possible.

Dóra is a master in her craft and highly regarded for her methods, especially when it comes to her famous hairstroke techniques. Dóra is highly commited to the creation of newer and newer approaches evolving towards the most natural results possible. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to benefit from her knowledge and learn the hacks and small but crucial details that really make a difference.

We’re proud to say: Dóra is artyst™.

“All three popular facial areas: eyebrows, eyes and lips – particularly recognized for her stroke eyebrow techniques.“

Dora's specialization in PMU: hairstroke eyebrow techniques