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Conquer PMU with the king of brows.


Life is full of imperfections. But brows are none of them. Rusenko keeps developing new techniques and expands his business which enables him to educate and inspire others who want to get started in the PMU industry. 

Rusenko specializes in Ombré Brows and Perfect Lips but also has a lot of expertise in scar camouflage and eyeliner. Driven by his passion for PMU the artist travelled to 6 continents in order to sharpen his skills and nurture his creativity. One of his greatest talents is to bring out the best version of a person's natural complexion and features. Say hi to one of the most talented artists in the business who has become a trusted educator and a role model for PMU artists and over 400 students around the world.

We’re proud to say: Rusenko is artyst™.

“Offer the best education possible and introduce students to state-of-the-art techniques.“


Rusenko Donmez

"Ombré Brows and Perfect Lips"

Rusenkos's specialization in PMU: Ombré Brows and Perfect Lips