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€ 1.399,00 Details
€ 1.399,00 Details

You prefer a slim and lightweight machine for your PMU techniques? You want to bring your art to life as quickly as possible? Then our artyst™ H1 starter bundle set is the way to go.

Our artyst™ H1 Bundle consists of our top-notch artyst™ H1 machine as well as our power unit and our 3 most popular brow and lip colors. Our 1-Nano 0.25 allrounder needle for hairstrokes, lip contouring, full lips and shading completes this allrounder starter kit.


artyst™ H1 machine in your favorite color
artyst ™ power control unit for any artyst ™ machine
artyst ™ Top 3 Lip Colors Red 01 W, Red 03 C and Red 04 N
artyst ™ Top 3 Brow Colors Light Brown 01 C, Medium Brown 01 N and Dark Brown 02 N
artyst ™ Top 1-Nano 2 (0.25mm) all-rounder needle for fine hair strokes, precise lip contouring, full lips, capillaries in areola procedure and shading techniques.

Choose your favorite H1 color and we will send out your new high-quality PMU toolkit.