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What makes our artyst ™ machines (handpieces) best in class?

The artyst™ machines are ... the most silent and least vibrating machines you will ever find on the market, operating with the highest safety and precision possible.
The artyst™ The Classic H1 machine has a stroke length of 2.00 mm for a gentle precision and operates with needle cartridges specifically designed for PMU. Its light and ergonomic design makes artyst ™ H1 machine perfect for those who prefer a slim shaped machine.
The artyst™ by CHEYENNE PowerBabe H2 is a powerful machine with a 3.5mm stroke length. It operates with a universal tattoo cartridge docking system, ensuring you not only high-power performance for instant color implantation + precision but also more flexibility in your needle selection.
Our ambition is to offer continuous innovation and to develop high quality products for each need. So, stay tuned for what we will be dropping next. We have more to give than meets the eye!