The new artyst ™ micropigmentation colors are currently being produced according to the EU REACH standard and gradually being put in stock.

All our pigments are developed to achieve four main objectives: safety, vividness, long-term color retention as well as workability. For us, you and your customers’ safety come first. We do not make any compromises here! 

For this reason, we specifically designed and developed our micropigmentation colors for Permanent-Make-Up in close collaboration with chemists and professional artists. 

The production takes place in our own color production facility in Germany and is constantly monitored by a quality assurance system according to medical standards. Watch our video here to get some insights on how our micropigmentation colors are developed. 

artyst ™ micropigmentation colors for Permanent-Make-Up meet the highest quality and safety standards.  

All artyst ™ color pigments:

  • are developed by internationally renowned artists. There are no limits to your creativity.
  • are sterile
  • contain no preservatives
  • are tested in an external, accredited analytical laboratory
  • are provided with a seal of authenticity
  • are produced according to EU REACH standard 
  • are vegan-friendly and developed without animal testing.

These properties will ensure you the lasting experience of beautiful and safe micropigmentation.


We know that color selection can often be confusing and difficult. Our team at artyst™ have therefore made it our goal to spare you this headache.

Together with our permanent make-up professionals, we have created three simple categories that will help you make your choice and make your life easier: Eye, lip and correction colors. So, you can quickly and easily find the pigment colors from the commonly known main application areas in the field of beauty tattoos.

In the category "lips" you will find all the colors you need to beautify your customers' lips. In the category "eyes" you will find the colors that are indispensable for eyelining and eyebrow drawing. In the "corrective” colors section, we have selected the shades that will give you the best results in correction procedures. We have also thought of a thinner.

Uncertain on which color to choose for your treatment? Then the artyst™ color chart can help you. All color tones are shown in one spot and are clearly displayed with strokes. Comparing colors with each other was never easier. Also finding colors for mixing and blending was never easier. artyst™ also selected dilutions and corrective colors for you. Check out what our amazingly simple and clean color offering has up the sleeves for you.