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artyst ™ is supporting innovative free spirits just like you to become even more successful in your business. Therefore, we want to ensure we give all our customers the best service of all time!


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*only on business days. 


Any new artyst ™ device* has a warranty of one year. If you want to submit a warranty claim during this time, your product is eligible for a 1:1 replacement. Your claim will be verified within 24 hours and your replacement will then be shipped right away. Please send us your defective device within a five-day period after you received the replacement.

You can get your device replaced. Easy. Simple. Fast. 

YOUR WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED? We also have a solution for that.  

If your purchased artyst ™ device* is defective and is no longer eligible for warranty, you can turn in your defective device and we’ll offer you a new or a refurbished device at a very attractive price. Get in touch with us to find out more about your options. 

Good for the environment. Good for you. Easy. Simple. Fast. 


*artyst ™ device: This applies to an artyst ™ PMU machine, artyst ™ power control unit or artyst ™ footswitch. artyst ™ accessories are non-returnable.